20 February 2011

How Do You Wear Your Baby?

The practice of baby wearing dates back centuries and is common to so many cultures around the world.

After carrying your baby for 9 months, it is to be expected that your baby will want to be close to you for comfort. Baby wearing not only lets you keep your hands free to get things done, it also has health benefits for mother and child. It helps to calm fussy babies, encourages babies to feel secure and content as well as helping mothers become more in tune with their baby's needs. Read more about the benefits of baby wearing here.

Before I had Layla, I was unaware of the benefits of baby wearing. I bought a baby bjorn carrier in order to carry her and keep my hands free as a change from having her a pram. I was reluctant to purchase a sling but was extremely grateful when my Mum bought me a Mini Monkey baby sling shortly after Layla was born.
Layla asleep at a family birthday party
Layla asleep in her sling at my sister's wedding - I think she has outgrown it now!
I used my Baby Bjorn in order to keep my hands free for shopping and when we were travelling. The additional benefits include being comfortable and easy on my back. While Layla has fallen asleep in it on numerous occasions, I rarely used it to settle her. If I had my time again, I would still buy a baby bjorn or other front carrier because they are very handy and sturdy. I recently came across another carrier by Combi known as the Magical Compact Carrier. While I have not used one, it looks very versatile offering  a range of ways you can carry your baby.

My Mini Monkey baby sling is something very special. The sling created a magical environment where Layla felt close to me and was able to settle, sleep and remain calm. I used it from when she was just a few days old until only recently. I would use the sling when:
  • She would not settle to sleep at night, I was over carrying her and I needed to eat/rest;
  • At family functions when she needed to sleep;
  • Layla would often sleep in the sling in the afternoons for her final nap when she was little and I was tired and not up to listening to any more crying, patting or walking;
  • When I would leave her with my Mum and she was unsettled, the feel and smell of the sling would remind her of being with me.
Another advantage of the sling is that it is light and compact to carry so you can take it where ever you go. I miss the feel of baby wearing, the intimate connection and closeness.

If you are expecting a baby or have a newborn, look into the benefits of baby wearing. A carrier is convenient in keeping your hands free ( I remember cooking/preparing dinner with Layla in it once when I had to get things done). Wearing your baby in a sling or pouch or Mei Tai close to your body is a bit different and delivers wonderful results for you and your baby.

My sling has been one of the best and most important items in surviving the first year of motherhood. There is nothing quite like wearing your baby.


  1. Great post! I reposted about this at Shnookies to encourage people to come here and read about baby wearing.

  2. Hi Jas, I also use the Mini Monkey sling for Miri and its fantastic! Great for settling and helping her to fall asleep. Just thought i would let you know that there are other ways that you can wear the sling with Layla - it is suitable right up untill 2 years old (15kg)- so it should still be ok but you just have to adjust it and wear it in a different way so that she is seated in a diferent and more upright position. Have a look at www.minimonkey.net.au or see the instructions on the box again for older babies and young toddlers - Best Regards, Rebecca :)