14 February 2011

LOVE IT, LOVE IT - Mustela Foaming Shampoo

There is an AMAZING number and variety of baby body products on the market. Whether you're after organic, fragrance free, traditional or new age, there is no limit to the range. Like her mother, Layla has a huge range of creams, shampoos and powders making bath time both fun and a special experience. I was given Mustela Foaming Shampoo for Newborns as a gift when Layla was born. We have used it almost everyday and after 9 1/2 months, it has not run out!
The foaming nature of the shampoo means that it is easy to rub into the hair and washes out with ease leaving no hard to remove residue. It does not sting sensitive little eyes and is hypoallergenic as well. We love this product and wanted to tell you all about it.
Layla loves her bath time - 6 months old

1 comment:

  1. I cant believe it has lasted so long! Layla's hair is so gorgeous- wish they made this for grown ups!