14 January 2011

LOVE IT, LOVE IT - Kaboost

I came across this product when Daniel and I were in Israel last year. My cousin had one for her kids and I was genuinely excited by this innovative product. The KABOOST is a portable chair booster that suits almost any 4 legged chair. It allows your normal dining room/kitchen chairs to be elevated so that little people can reach the table with ease.

The Kaboost comes in three colours - green, chocolate and natural. It attaches to your chair and stays attached when and if the chair is moved. The Kaboost is able to hold weights of up to 136kg and is extremely sturdy.
In searching the web, it seems that plenty of international retailers sell the product and I was able to find a few in Australia too.

The Kaboost website features a demo video that shows this fabulous invention in operation.


  1. Can you strap them in? They do like to get down during meal time and you do need a deterent.

  2. Sorry Susan. No strap. It's probably for kids a bit older than yours. It's the perfect step between a highchair and a normal chair.

  3. Very cool. I quite like the green!