13 January 2011

Picking a Pram - Part 2

On our recent holiday, I had the opportunity to test drive a new pram. Give the ridiculous amount of stuff I needed to bring for Layla, there was no way my pram was going to fit in the car boot. My wonderful Mum let me borrow her pram for the trip. I should add that she had just bought the new pram and had not used it yet. Despite all of this, she was more than happy to let me take it....now that's love!

Mum's pram is very different to mine in so many ways and got me thinking again about how to pick a pram. Here are some more points for you to consider:
  • Storage -  most prams come with a basket under the seat for you to carry essential items. When picking a pram consider:
    • how big is the basket?
    • can it be accessed when the seat is in different positions?
    • how easy is it to get things in and out of the basket?
    • are there other places on the pram to carry things (pockets)?
  • Terrain - most prams are designed for either flat smooth surfaces (shopping centres, foot paths -- plastic tyres) or off road conditions (grass, uneven surfaces  -- air filled tyres).
    • does the pram have plastic or air filled tyres?
    • which terrain will I mostly be using the pram on?
    • does the pram have suspension?
  • Weather protection - most prams have added accessories for sun and rain. Despite this, if you get caught in the rain or are out on a sunny day, what kind of protection does the pram offer?
    • does the sun visor come down low enough to protect your baby?
    • is the carriage protected from the rain by using the sun visor?
From all my point of view, there is no one perfect pram. The are prams that suit different purposes at different times. That's probably why so many Mums I know have multiple prams!

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