19 January 2011

The Amazing Effect of Music

I love classical music. I constantly have ABC Classic FM playing in my car and in my kitchen. When I was pregnant with Layla, I would often put on my favourite classics and listen to them as I lay down and relaxed. After Layla was born, my cousin Jac gave me two copies of CDs. I took them and thanked her before proceeding to put them on Layla's bookshelf and forgetting about them. Some weeks later when Layla was having an unsettled period, I remembered the CD. One disk contained static which proved to be very valuable (see my previous blog post The Sound of Silence). The other disk contained classical music lullabies. From the moment I played this CD, it had an instant calming effect on Layla. From that night on, whenever Layla would not sleep or was upset, the classical lullabies were put on.
Recently, we went to Canberra for a weeks holiday while my husband Daniel was down there for work. Knowing the wonderfully relaxing effect the music had on Layla, I uploaded the CD to my iPod and packed the portable speakers. It was only then did I find out the name and origin of the CD. The CD is called Music for Dreaming and is a must for any new or expectant parents. As it turned out, Layla was very unsettled while we were away and the music yet again did the trick in helping to settle her back to sleep every time. There are hundreds if not thousands of lullaby CDs on the market for babies. It can be hard to know which one to chose. I can strongly encourage you to get this CD and use it with your baby. The website has a 'listen for free' feature so you can review the music before buying.I hope this CD proves to be as helpful for you as it has been for us!


  1. You're amazing for blogging after such a tough couple of days! Great post Jas xx

  2. I agree! Music is so powerful- its fantastic that you are using it to help Layla feel better. Hope you both have a good day x