04 November 2010

The Sound of Silence

Getting and keeping a baby asleep becomes an obsession for most new parents. Whether it is lighting, temperature or noise, there is a strong focus on making the environment conducive to sleep. Perhaps it is sleep deprivation sending us around the twist that makes this focus so intense.
Layla (2 days old) asleep with Daniel in hospital

When it comes to noise, the pursuit of silence is often misguided. Babies are used to hearing and sleeping with a range of noises while in utero rather than in complete silence that as adults we often crave. One of the most annoying noises to an adult is that of radio static. You know the one where you have not properly tuned the radio and a hissing noise is heard. Amazingly this static sound is wonderfully calming for babies especially when they are distraught and inconsolable. This kind of noise is often referred to as 'white noise'. White noise helps to block out general noise like traffic, construction and gardening noise that always seems to start just as you go to put your baby down for a sleep.

There are countless CD's, iPhone apps and MP3 player downloads available featuring white noise to help your baby sleep. The one I found that really worked features white noise with a faint heartbeat in the background that emulates the sounds of the womb. The track can be downloaded for FREE from this link...

I burned the track multiple times onto a CD so that it ran for a couple of hours...worked a treat!

Have you had success with using white noise to help your baby sleep? Share your experiences by leaving a comment.


  1. When Ava was younger, I tried the Sounds of Silence CD (mainly the sound of heartbeats) because I felt that the room was too quiet. I can't tell whether it worked or whether she settled herself to sleep. As she has grown older (5mths tomorrow!) I have a routine of looking for signs of tiredness, singing quietly to her in her room and putting her down to settle herself to sleep. I think its important that now out of the womb, we get babies use to the sounds of the outside world ...as long as it's not jack hammering which I endured the other day!!!

    Deb (first time mother to Ava, 5mths)

  2. So try Deb! When Bubby is really small, white noise can be a bit help. Jas x

  3. Surprisingly the little homebrand fan seems to settle both my 3.5 year old and 1 year old.