09 November 2010

Love it, Love it - Totspot

As a new parent, I have and continue to spend a lot of time awake during the middle of the night. Whether it is searching for lost dummies or checking if the baby is asleep, fumbling around in the dark is neither fun nor glamorous.

I received this gem of a freebie with an order from Nursing Angel (http://www.nursingangel.com.au/) last year and almost threw it out without realising its value. The Totspot is a non-invasive LED light that won't wake a sleeping baby. It can be clipped onto your top so that you can attend to the baby and see what you're doing all at the same time. The light has a rotating pivot head so that you can position the light away from sleepy eyes - both yours and bubs.

The Totspot is currently on sale for $9.95 from Nursing Angel and is a must for new or expectant parents. http://www.nursingangel.com.au/p/510310/totspot-portable-night-light---clearance.html

I leave mine on the bookshelf at the entrance to Layla's room so that it's handy at any time in the night. It's funny how something so small can be such a big help. Love it, Love it!!


  1. I had no idea these existed. I'll be getting 2, as we still have to get up to Mr 3.5 some nights and as both children don't have night lights, this will be a big help.

  2. Hmm, i might think about getting one of these for baby #3. I always hated turning on the light to change the boys nappies, especially as i did everything else in the dark with the natural light from outside house.
    Will add this to a wish list.