15 November 2010

All the things you're not supposed to do

It's amazing how many things you are not supposed to do with a new baby. The books, professionals and experts all advise on the things you should not do. This list includes some of the following:
  • don't rock your baby to sleep as they'll become dependant on you;
  • don't offer a dummy as it acts as a sleep crutch and will prevent self settling;
  • don't breastfeed your baby to sleep as he/she will only ever be able to go to sleep this way;
  • don't take a baby to bed with you as you may roll on top of the baby and suffocate it;
  • don't leave a baby to cry as it will have long term negative effects on it's emotional development;
  • don't go to your baby when it cries straight away as he/she will learn that you'll always come running;
  • a baby should not need to be fed more than X number of times in a day or before every 2/3/4 etc hours.
What you realise once your baby comes along is that you need to do what you need to do in order to survive. Forget the things you're not supposed to do. Rocking your baby to sleep or breastfeeding to sleep so that you too can get some sleep is not a bad thing. Giving a sucky baby a dummy will not be the end of the world. Doing these things now and then will not form a habit. Even if a habit is formed, babies are amazing at being able to change their habits with a little guidance and training from you.

Remember, you're not being marked on this assignment. It's ok to do things in order to get through the tough times. When you are less tired then you can confront any issues and make changes. Until then, just do what you have to do that is right for you and your baby.

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