03 November 2010

But darling, I never pay retail!

Let's face it, kids stuff is CUTE! There are amazing things available for babies and children. There are more things than you'll ever need, you'll ever be able to use or you can afford to buy. That won't stop you wanting to shop! The good part is that many, if most, things you can pick up online are far cheaper than retail. If you're into bargain shopping (like me!), here are a few ideas:

1. Sign up for sale email notifications. Here are a few links to get you started:

2. Find out if your local baby shop has a discount or loyaly program. For example Baby Bunting gives 5% discount if you join their loyalty program. Baby Village in Bondi Junction gives you a $30 discount after you've spent $300.

3. Ebay is your friend! Ebay can offer you many alternatives.
  • Many ebay stores sell baby stuff for cheaper than retail. I bought my Phillips Avent Baby Monitor brand new for a fraction of the RRP;
  • People sell unwanted gifts on ebay. I found my Baby Bjorn really cheap. It was a brand new unwanted gift still in the box;
  • I'm generally not a lover of used goods especially when it comes to baby things. However there are some exceptions. I bought our baby bath and stand on ebay for $25 instead of over $100. BARGAIN!!
4. Shopping in the USA is way cheaper than here. The variety, prices & sales far exceed what you can find locally. Many sites now ship to Australia and even with the shipping costs, things often work out cheaper. If a site won't ship to Australia, USA based freight forwarders will send things onto you in Australia for reasonable shipping charges. Check out http://www.hopshop.go.com/ or http://www.ishop-america.com/ .

Layla looking adorable in some of the clothes I bought online from GAP in the USA

5. Find baby good sellers on Facebook and either join or like their pages. This will mean you'll be notified of pop up sales and great opportunities. Purebaby has a Friday Facebook sale each week with great bargains.

Happy shopping !

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  1. Hi, Just as an aside - I LOVE to shop for bargains as well and when my son was a baby, I worked out the cheapest place to get nappies/ wipes, etc.: http://www.thebulkwarehouse.com.au. Even when you factor in delivery costs - their Huggies bulk boxes are much cheaper per nappy (and its easier to have them delivered to your doorstep than trying to lug them along with a stroller and child through the shops).