07 November 2010

Things to do just before baby comes

Most women realise the value of stopping work a few weeks before their baby is due. Whether it is due to exhaustion, pain or legislative requirements, the break is usually welcomed. If you're anything like me, I was hanging out for the break and then bored 5 minutes after it started! I ended up running around doing so many things that I really did not rest enough. Oh how I long for those days of being able to sleep in, take an afternoon nap and just dream the day away.

Pregnant with Layla - 34 weeks
 Anyway, if I had my time again these are the things I would do just prior to bubby's arrival:
  • Have a hair cut, colour, waxing, facial, manicure/pedicure, massage and any other beauty treatment you usually indulge in;
  • Make time to see your friends for a quick catch up;
  • Stock the freezer with a few emergency meals;
  • Speak to your friends to work out who can and will cook you a meal in an emergency (actually forget the emergency. just cook for you!);
  • Buy a new pair of running/walking shoes. This will be great motivation to get you out of the house and walking;
  • Finish organising the baby's room, your hospital bag and a bag for the baby with stuff you'll need to bring him/her home;
  • Spend some quality time with your partner. Go for dinner, movies, a walk. Make special time;
  • Buy any gifts and cards for up coming birthdays in advance to save on worrying about these things;
  • Attend a breastfeeding class at the hospital, with a lactation consultant or the Australian Breastfeeding Association;
  • Have some nice photos taken of you with a very pregnant belly. It won't take long before you forget how you looked. Even if you are huge, swollen, tired and generally not looking your best, you will treasure these photos in years to come;
  • Try to have an afternoon nap EVERYDAY. You never know if you'll go into labour in the middle of the night or have a long labour. Make sure you are well rested.

Me pregnant at 38 weeks with my sisters Jacqui (centre) and Michelle (right)

What other things would you recommend? Leave me a comment to help expectant Mums.

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