28 October 2010

Can fashion and breastfeeding really mix?

Before I had a baby I had not given any thought to breastfeeding fashion. Nowadays, whenever I look at clothes, I'm overcome by thoughts of "hmmmm....could I feed in that top/dress/outfit?"

Trying to find nice and reasonably priced breastfeeding tops is no small task. I found that the style choice was limited and generally the prices were way too expensive. Target and KMart keep some simple styles but not a great range.

I've come up with a couple of solutions:
1. Milkshirts - these funny looking singlets allow you to turn any top into a breastfeeding top. They allow you to lift your shirt in order to feed without exposing your post pregnancy tummy to the world. http://www.milkshirts.com/ is the webpage from the USA but they can be ordered here in Australia from http://www.nursingangel.com.au/.

2. Motherwear - this USA based online store specialises in nursing clothing from dresses to tops and pyjamas. Not only are their prices very reasonable, they have GREAT sales and ship to Australia for a reasonable rate. With the difference in seasons between here and America, you can easily pick up a bargain. They have a great size and colour range as well. http://www.motherwear.com/

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