28 October 2010

Productive Podcasting

Being a new Mum involves heaps of time alone. Often you'll be home alone with bubs or walking. I have found a way to fill the time - Podcasts!

iTunes has heaps of great podcasts that are interesting, educational and informative. My favourite by far is "New Moms, New Babies". This podcast from the states is like a mothers group for your ipod. They discuss all different relevant topics associated with having a new baby. They also feature authors and medical professionals on issues I have found to be really helpful. In addition, they've also helped me find wonderful new websites or given me ideas that I've been able to apply with Layla. They have a website http://www.newmomsnewbabies.com/ where you can also download the podcasts or listen directly.

Guided relaxation and mediation podcasts are also a really good way to unwind after a trying day when you're dead tired or your mind is racing a hundred miles an hour.

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