31 October 2010

Picking a Pram

Pram choice is about as controversial as discussions regarding politics and religion. Everyone has their favourite brand and model, their reasons and their regrets. Ultimately, you don't really know what you need in a pram until you have the baby and for most people, they want to be organised before bubs arrives.

I'm not going to go into what you should look for in a pram except to say that you should clearly know what you want to do with your pram before you buy. Do you want to:
  • take long walks;
  • run or jog with it;
  • only use it in the shopping centre;
  • how often will you be putting it in and out of the car;
  • do you want baby to sleep flat in the pram; 
  • do you want to be able to carry more than one child if you decide to do the whole pregnancy and birth thing again?

Layla when she was 1 week old asleep in her pram in our kitchem
 When you think you know what brand you want, make sure you stop every Mum in the shopping centre to ask her what she loves and hates about her pram. Hear first hand what the market is telling you before you make your choice. Ultimately you need to go for practicality and functionality as your pram will be really important in getting you out of the house once bubs arrives.

Buying a pram is a big investment and something you only really want to do once. If all else fails and your choice doesn't suit, don't forget that there is always Ebay.

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