28 October 2010

Night Time Leaking Problem Solved

I've recently gone back to giving Layla a dreamfeed between 10 and 11pm. In order not to fully wake her, I don't change her nappy. As a result, we had a few night time disasters with nappy leakage through her clothes, grobag and sheets. I've tried a number of things including:
  • fluffies pilchers - old favourites. They are good but you can only buy them online and can get expensive plus as summer roles around they are going to be too hot;
  • trying the next size nappy - worked for a while but no solution;
  • nappy liner inserts - had to buy 200 of them online. Worked well but were very bulky.
The solution has been Pampers' Baby Dry Nappies. You can't buy them in the supermarket as they are imported European Pampers nappies (the ones in the supermarket are from the USA). I have no idea how they work but they are brilliant. They are super thin and super absorbent. The other night I fed Layla twice without a change and still no leaks.

They are available from http://www.pampersnappies.com.au/ . For $10 you can get a trial pack in whatever size and nappy type combination that suits. Delivery is included in the $10!

The website blurb says....
"Designed to help give your baby undisturbed sleep, Pampers® Baby-Dry has the Extra Sleep-Layer™. It's an extra layer of protection that helps lock wetness away for up to 12 hours. So your baby gets the sleep he needs to develop. With correct sizing you will never need to worry about leaks and bed wetting during the night!! "

I ordered my box on Tuesday night and they were delivered to my door Thursday morning...brilliant!
Great find ;)

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