30 October 2010

How big is big enough?

Many breastfeeding Mums I've spoken to express a concern about their baby's weight gain at some stage, whether it be after leaving hospital or much later down the track. We often assess our children against the growth charts that appear in the 'Blue Book'. Layla took over 4 weeks to regain her birth weight and during that time there was a lot of pressure on me to either stop breastfeed or to supplement with formula. Even after she regained her birth weight, her weight gain was slow. In saying that, I have to ask now, was her weight gain slow in relation to the wrong measure?

Did you know that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has release revised charts for breastfed babies? Have a look at this great article from the Australian Breastfeeding Association with links to the WHO charts and tables.

As you can see from her photos, there is no longer an issue of slow weight gain! 26 weeks on and we're still breastfeeding.

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